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Established in 2008

Cornwall Car Care is a leading specialist in car valeting & detailing, swirl mark removal and vehicle enhancement in Cornwall and the South West. We specialize in paintwork protection using  ceramic coatings, self-healing coatings from our detailing studio in Newquay Cornwall.

We’re exclusive Accredited detailers for Autobead and Ultimaxx so you can be assured our work is skilled and your car is fully insured whilst in our care. We provide the highest level of care using only world-leading detailing products and paint-safe techniques in a clean indoor environment.

  •  Ultimaxx Ceramics is a modern up to date, day to day method of multifunctional protection of Ceramic Coating, it protects the paintwork by blocking the UV rays and slowing down oxidation
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramics guarantees protection and care of any surface for your vehicles, providing a shield against chemical staining such as acid rain
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating provides an extra protect layer to the car’s paintwork
  •  Hassel free cleaning as Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating prevents dirt and other stains from bonding with your cars paint work
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating gives your car that extra glossy shine which gives your car appeal and value
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramics helps to preserve attractiveness and increase the service life of your vehicles
  •  Ultimaxx Ceramics exceeds the modern standards of detailing


Protection that lasts

Ceramic Guard is a unique product: a revolutionary coating which offers excellent protection and makes vehicle paintwork water and dirt-repellent. With Ceramic Guard coating from Cartec, dirt and insects simply glide off the paintwork like water off a duck’s back, especially when you wash your car. With Ceramic Guard, your car’s paintwork has maximum protection against road grime, salt, UV radiation, harmful chemicals and anything else that is harmful to paintwork. Ceramic Guard gives the paint a noticeable shine and colour depth.


Ceramic Guard gives a standard 3-year guarantee on treated paintwork. The guarantee only applies if the coating is applied by a Ceramic Guard specialist using the correct methods.

With Ceramic Guard 4life you can opt for an even longer guarantee. As long as you have an annual inspection and maintenance treatment carried out by a Ceramic Guard specialist, the guarantee remains valid. The guarantee is extended for a further year after each maintenance treatment. A Ceramic Guard specialist will carry out the inspection and treatment for you.

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